Pest Control

We offer one-time treatments or continuous services for all of your pest problems. Our regular services consist of up-to date treatments that are virtually odorless. These services are customized to your particular needs. Services are done for all general pests such as ants, roaches, silverfish, and spiders on the inside of the home and the outside perimeter. We also offer regular services for wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants and termites.

The first and most important part of delivering superior service is a professional inspection. On our first visit, we inspect the exterior first, looking for common entry points and conditions that make harborage possible outside. This gives us the knowledgewe need to determine where and how insects enter the home.

This inspection will be performed prior to or as we move from room to room. All rooms and storage areas will be checked and notes taken during the first inspection and later input into the system notes for your home. This allow us to better track the effectiveness of the tech and the produce (chemical or bait) placement which is so critical to effective pest management.

Residential General Pest Elimination & Prevention
Our residential services are effective, affordable, and environmentally responsible. Our services include programs for control for roaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, Ticks, and ocassional invaders.Service can be done on an as-needed basis or we can build a program of regular service meet your specific needs. Contact us today for full details.

Residential Flea Control & Elimination
We’ll educate you about fleas and explain how we get rid of them – from preparation to the treatment. There is no odor involved and you will only need to vacate for approximately 2 hours.

Bed Bugs
If you ever wake up with itchy or bruised skin, you may have a bedbug problem without even knowing it. Fortunately, a bedbug problem is entirely manageable under professional care. Using state-of the art equipment and techniques, our licensed professionals will inspect your home’s environment and construction to identify the problem and determine the best course of action. A bedbug problem requires the cooperation of both the homeowner and pest management professional. Bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to available products so the sooner they are addressed the better chance you have at control.

We are committed to providing a quick, affordable, and most importantly, effective solution to your pest problem, and we take every measure to protect your and your family’s safety throughout the process.

Mosquito Control
We’ll come out at no charge to inspect your property. We will locate areas conducive for mosquitoinfestations such as standing water, damp shady areas, poor draining gutters, etc. Hahn’s will then apply Insect Growth Regulator products to stop larvae from maturing and apply residual products to the exterior of your home. We focus on bushes, beneath decks, trees, overhangs, shaded areas, etc.

Lawn and Ornamental services
We treat lawns for disease and pests. We can also help replenish the look of your lawn with weed control, Lawn fertilizing,disease control (fungus) insects that destroy lawns ornamental beds fertilizing and weed control. Our services also include tree spraying for insects/disease.

Rodent control
We offer several services for rats, mice and squirrels. Services include baiting, trapping, and exclusions. With exclusion services, our technician will inspect the home to locate entry points and seal those areas accordingly.
Bat exclusions
Bat exclusion also know as "Bat Proofing" is the process of sealing all gaps and openings on the exterior of a structure to prevent any bats from entering. Bat proofing a home or building is most often a difficult task involving high ladder work, construction skills and knowledge of local wildlife behaviors.If done incorrectly bats can become trapped inside a structure and will search for any possible exit which can lead them into rooms and living quarters. We routinely solve even the most difficult bat infestations in commercial and residential properties.

Bee control and nest removal
A honey bee nest removal, as well as the removal of wasp nest, yellow jacket nest, hornets nest or carpenter bee nest, is very dangerous and something that you should not attempt on your own. We have the experience and the tools needed to keep you and your family safe from being stung and get you back to living bee free. If you have a bee's nest in your backyard there is no reason to put up with bees swarming around you, let us help, call for a free bee nest removal quote and information regarding our services..

Do It Yourself
SYSTECO SERVICES also offers the sale of pest control chemicals for "do it yourself" services along with our expert advice. Please contact us for more information.